Irina Shayk perfect body ? The secret...

Irina Shayk Running Workout

Irina Shayk Workout Routine

The ‘Feel Good’ Factor
The super model prefers not to be skinny. She spends time in the gym because it makes her feel good and gives a well toned figure.
She believes that while one can inherit good body but it is very much important to take care of it. She is as tough as steel, she says, and is not weary of pushing herself working out five times a week. According to her, laziness should be avoided to keep that taut shape.
Striking the Right Balance
Irina stands for the principle that our workout pattern should match our diet. She believes in eating what she likes and sweating out in the gym. This saves her from sudden food cravings.

No to Muscle Building Exercises
Shayk avoids exercises, which make the body muscular. She avoids heavy workouts like exercising with weights above 5 pounds, kettle ball, lunges and jumps.

Daily Exercises
Irina jogs for 15 minutes in the beginning. This warms her up for exercising.
This is followed by cardio sessions for more than one hour with interval of thirty minutes.

Irina Shayk Diet Plan
  • Irina consumes plenty of water to keep her skin and hair in great condition. She has to spend long hours, shooting on the sea beaches. Adequate water intake prevents her skin from drying up.
  • Irina does not believe in dieting. Occasionally she likes to pamper herself with ice creams and cakes. She also likes to take a day off, lying on the bed, watching T.V. and enjoying Pizza. Eating restaurant food is although, a ‘no’ for her. When at home, she visits the local Russian market to get some stuff for cooking. Her favorite meal is pelmeni (dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough). She ensures that she never overeats. Eating healthy is the key according to her.
  • On other days she consumes whole fruits and vegetables. Breads high in fiber, skimmed milk, tofu, clear soups form her general diet.
  • She also takes citrus juices, which she says are a great source of vitamin C and help her maintain beautiful skin.


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